Laptop Troubleshooting Tips

Laptop Troubleshooting Tips
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Like all consumer electronics, laptops have a limited life. It won’t always work perfectly, especially if you overuse it frequently. When you notice that your laptop is not functioning properly, don’t give up hope.

You don’t know, it might only need a little tweak to get it working properly again. To help you gear up on some laptop troubleshooting skills, here are some point you can follow to solve common laptop problems.

Laptop won’t turn on

If you find that your laptop doesn’t turn on one of these days, don’t freak out. You can start your troubleshooting by checking if power is getting to the unit. Check if the transformer is still working by plugging it into another device. If it is working, then the battery may be the culprit. Sometimes a battery deteriorates over time, so if you think a deteriorating battery is the issue, here is how to extend its life.

If you notice that the battery is running down quickly, slow the process of the CPU and dim the screen a little bit. Recent laptop models already allow you to plug in the laptop with the power source all the time. This can avoid power outage instances. However, if the battery is not an issue, you could be dealing with a switch failure or worse, a motherboard failure, which is difficult to fix.

Laptop turns off in the middle of use

If you experience random turn off of your laptop, then it may be caused by several conditions. First, the AC power adapter may be experiencing an overload or power drain. Second, the processor may be overheating due to a blocked fan. Third, the battery may be overheating as the result of internal battery damage.

If you own an old laptop, then there is a high likelihood that the problem may be caused by poor cooling. Go to a well-ventilated or air-conditioned room and see if it works. You can also check the areas close to the internal cooling fan, found at the base of the laptop.

Try to see if there is a pile of dust particles by feeling the flow of air while it runs. If you feel a low surge of air, then this may mean that the internal cooling system is slightly blocked. Clean the cooling fan for better airflow.

Laptop runs slow and constantly displays pop up advertisements

One of the most irritating part in using the Internet is having pop up advertisements constantly showing up with your every click. This is a great hassle if you are in a hurry or are facing a deadline.

The pop ups also block your view of the whole webpage if you don’t click them. If you suffer this kind of dilemma, then it is likely that your laptop is infected with spyware. This often happens when you download software from a suspicious source.

To fix this problem, you can run your antivirus software. If the pop ups still persist, delete any suspecting applications in your programs list found in Control Panel. You can also seek help from any spyware removing tools like Malwarebytes.

Screen doesn’t display video and images

If you find that the display screen of your laptop doesn’t show any image at all, then you might be dealing with a damaged LCD screen. You can rule this out if you find the same result when you connect the laptop to an external monitor. The cause of this issue could be a motherboard damage. However, if you find a normal display of images on the external monitor, then the LCD screen needs to be replaced.

The replacement for the LCD screen is possible but it can be hard. First, you need to disassemble the display screen from the laptop. Remember how other laptop parts are assembled behind the screen so that you can accomplish this task successfully.

Find the model number of the screen at the back. When you have purchased the new screen, assemble it back together with the parts. Remember to put everything in place so that you don’t damage the laptop further.

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